Shire Beds Co. MONET Mattress 3000 Pocket Sprung Extra Firm Feel

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The Monet Mattress 3000 pocket Sprung (Is a spring type that moves independently from each other when your body moves to avoid body pain whilst you rest) is a traditional double tufted mattress with a extra firm feel, turnable, with handles for easy move and vents for ventilation to keep it fresh.

Monet Mattress 3000 pocket is for those customers who love a Extra FIRM mattress, it has compact layers over layers of natural fabrics of cotton, wool, silk and cashmere and each spring is filled-up individually with natural soft cotton, wool, silk and cashmere to keep the mattress firm as the fillers gives the support needed and also fresh as they are breathable fabrics. 

On the sleep surface Monet Mattress is finished with a silky soft stretch panels of viscose fabric, with springs counts and a firm feel, to make it special also has additional steel sprung side supports to firm the edge for a secure rest, you wont be worried about rolling out of your bed.



• Hand Made in Yorkshire, UK.
• Comfort: Extra Firm Feel.
• Spring Type: Pocket Sprung (Individual Springs)
• 3000 Pocket springs filled with the luxurious natural layers.
• Sumptuous natural fillings.
 Luxurious layers of cotton, wool, silk and cashmere.
• Hand tufted with wool tufts.
• Side support with additional steel sprung.
• Soft touch Viscose panels.
• With handles and vents.
• Depth: 25-28cm.
• Turn: Turnable.
• 5 year manufacturer warranty.

Size: Single: 90cm x 190cm

             Double: 135cm x 190cm

             King: 150cm x 200cm

             Superking: 180cm x 200cm

Delivery: 7 to 15 days