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The inspiration Terrazo rug comes from an Italian flooring composite, is one of the biggest current trends in fashion and interior design, thanks to its bespoke and un-replicable look, Is one of the most trendy choices to bring any ambiance together.

Terrazo Rug is hand-tufted, over-tufting, is one of the best techniques to bring you a sophisticate rug that you will be proud to own, made with 100% botanical silk for a luxurious look and feel, Terrazo Rug is strong, modern, glamorous, fashionable, sophisticate, allow yourself to fall in love with this rug.

Terrazo Rug is chic to have in the living room of a modern house or flat, it's magical for the kids room, hanging on a wall just like a famous painting, and in the hallway, in a fashion boutique, and beauty clinic, in a design studio, in the reception room of a corporate company, and in a law firm office, looks sophisticated in the rooms of a hotel, and is grand in the wooden floor of the living room, and bedrooms of your yacht.








Hand-tufted, Over-tufting


Botanical Silk

PRODUCTION TIME: 4 to 10 weeks


200 x 300cm        £5,760

300 x 450cm        £12,960

400 x 600cm        £23,040

600 x 800cm        £46,080