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The inspiration of Oscar Rug comes from the Masculine representation of the classical canons of ancient Greece. A rug with cubist language refers us to a half-hybrid figure because at that time the canons of the human body were represented in a universal way, the figures were worked roughly with some delicate features.

Oscar Rug is hand-tufted, over-tufting, curving, is one of the best technic to bring you a sophisticate rug that you will be proud to own, made with New Zealand wool for durability, and botanical silk for a luxurious look and feel, Oscar Rug is a real piece of art that will look impressive wherever you place it.

Oscar Rug is chic to have in the living room of a modern house or flat, hanging on a wall as will be an add on to your painting collection, and in the hallway, in a fashion boutique, and beauty clinic, in a design studio, in the reception room of a corporate company, and in a law firm office, looks sophisticated in the rooms of boutique hotel, and is grand in the wooden floor of the living room, and bedrooms of your yacht.








Hand-tufted, Overtufting, Carving


Natural Wool, Botanical Silk

PRODUCTION TIME: 4 to 8 weeks 


200 X 300cm         £4,284

300 x 450cm         £9,668

400 x 600cm         £17,146

600 x 800cm         £34,302