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The inspiration of Lola Rug comes from Pop style and geometry a rug full of personality dynamism, in which the design plays with the conjugation of straight lines and the round shape of the rug.

Lola Rug is hand-tufted, over-tafting, carving, is one of the best technic to bring you a sophisticate rug that you will be proud to own, made with natural wool for durability and botanical silk for a luxurious look and feel.

Lola Rug will look chic in your living room of a modern house or flat with big windows and lots of light, and in the hallway, but is the perfect rug to have in an art gallery, in a fashion boutique, in a design studio, in the reception room of a corporate company, and in a law firm office, looks sophisticated in the rooms of a cute boutique hotel, and is grand in the wooden floor of the living room of your yacht.








Hand-tufted, Over-tufting, Carving


Natural Wool, Botanical Silk,

PRODUCTION TIME: 4 to 8 weeks


200 x 200cm           £1,929
300 x 300cm           £4,284
400 X 400cm          £7,597
600 x 600cm           £17,102