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The inspiration of Kleopatra Rug comes by ancient Egypt, not only for the chromatic choice but also for the linear and rigid graphics that served as the basis of language throughout history, in ancient times communication was done through symbols, icons, and images, this beautiful rug will always have an enigmatic tale to tell.

Kleopatra Rug is hand-tufted, is one of the best technic to bring you a glamorous rug that you will be proud to own, made with New Zealand wool for durability and botanical silk for a luxurious look and feel.

Kleopatra Rug will look glam in your living room of a modern house or flat with big windows and lots of light, looks stunning hanging on a wall just like a famous painting, and in the hallway,  but is the perfect rug to have in an art gallery, in a fashion boutique, in the reception room of a corporate company, and in a law firm office, looks sophisticated in the rooms of a hotel, and is grand in the wooden floor of the living room of your yacht.







Technique: Hand-tufted.

Material: New Zealand Wool and Bamboo Silk.


220cm x 380cm       £8,030