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ADLER is a hand-tufted rug, with natural wool for long lasting and botanical silk for a soft feel, and it's the proof that we can have a piece of art into our spaces.

The colour combinations of Adler rug have been perfectly selected to create a real piece of art that will mesmerise any eyes that look at it wherever you have it, on the floor or hanging on a wall. 

The Adler Rug will transform your living room, looks stunning hanging on a wall just like a famous painting, but is the perfect rug to have in a Beauty Clinic, in a Fashion Boutique, in the reception room of a Company, looks sophisticated in the rooms of a hotel, and is grand in the wooden floor of your yacht.





TECHNIQUES: Hand-tufted

MATERIALS: Natural Wool, Botanical Silk

PRODUCTION TIME: 6 to 10 wees


200 x 300cm       £4,585
300 x 450cm       £10,310
400 x 600cm       £18,330
600 x 800cm       £36,655