Hands P-4241 Beige Multi Rug

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The P-4241 Beige Multi Rug while the art of traditional Persian rugs has remained unchanged for centuries, the level of artistic detail has only grown.

With it exquisite beauty, P-4241 Beige Multi Rug these oriental rugs carry the sweet scent of nostalgia with their ageless artistry and appeal. Our intricately hand-knotted rug and made with 100% Luxurious wool, has exquisite details and a tale to tell.

P-4241 Beige Multi Rug will look mysterious, delicate and chic in your living room but is a must have in an entryway and breathtaking hanging on a wall, and will look grand in the reception room of a Law Firm Office, also in the reception room of a Corporate Company.





Collection: Persian

Size: 380cm x 488cm

Making Type: Hand-Knotted

Producing time: 6-8 Months

Material: 100% Wool

Color: Beige Multi

Note:  In Stock, Ready to be delivered.