Hands ARRAY Black and White Rug

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The Array Black and White Rug is been inspired by ancient times, there has been a deep interest in forms that are considered to incorporate within their intrinsic relationships and geometric proportions, is hand-knotted, made with 100% Botanical Silk for a silky soft feel.

Geometry has existed in many design forms across centuries in all traditional civilizations and Array Black and White Rug represent that.

Array Rug is a real piece of art that looks fabulous in your living room with big windows and lots of light or in the hallway but looks breathtaking hanging in a wall just like a famous painting, is perfect to have in a study room, is chic to have in the living room of your yacht, and grand in the reception room of a Law Firm Office and an Art Gallery.




Collection: Graphx

Size: 245cm x 305cm               £2,115          

          275cm x 365cm               £2,856

Making Type: Hand Tufted

Producing time: 6-8 weeks

Material: 100% Bamboo Silk

Color: Black and White

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